Consulting Team

Consulting team

Doru-Cristian CoretchiDoru-Cristian Coretchi – CEO & Founder
PhD in Management, Economist, Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest, MBA Steinbeis University Berlin – 7 years management consulting on international markets, 4 years experience in construction industry in Germany and Romania, funding advisory, business development & growth, innovation management, public-private partnership, EU grants, state aid schemes, EEA & Norway grants, UK innovation funding.

Ágústa Ýr ThorbergsdóttirÁgústa Ýr Thorbergsdóttir – Senior Consultant
Over 15 years of international work experience with the EU and International Finance Institutions. Focus on the interface between business and government, whether Icelandic, European or International. Global activities on government and EU relations, innovation, market research, and project management. Experience in leading diverse and international teams with the ability to drive performance through encouragement and motivation. Passionate and skilled at establishing new relationships and realising opportunities Internationally, through an extensive global contact network. From 2003 to 2011 she was a Senior Country Officer at the Financial Mechanism Office in Brussels, the administrative body for EEA & Norway grants.

Ankit GuptaAnkit Gupta – Senior Consultant, Finance Expert
A qualified chartered accountant, MBA from Kingston Business School, 3 years experience in auditing in various multinational private and public companies, 4 years experience in financial management including compliances, taxation & grant claims. Expertise in Research & Development tax credits on the UK market. Financial advisory expertise for crowdfunding, private funding and grants-based funding on international markets.

Astrid Green<Astrid Green – Senior Consultant
25 years+ in business development, innovation & growth support, cluster management and expansion strategies across sectors and industries. Project delivery for Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Innovation Norway, board member in the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise. Funding advisory and bilateral cooperation in the context of the EEA & Norway grants, on international markets incl. Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Hercegovina. Successful experience with EU funding, EEA & Norway grants, State Aid/Government Schemes and Horizon 2020. Executive Master of Management in Energy at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo and IFP School in Paris.

Cristian DimaCristian Dima – Senior Consultant, State Aid Expert
FCCA, CMC, BA in finance & audit, Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest – over 10 years management consulting on the Romanian market for local and international clients, funding advisory, financial management and project management expertise; specialized in state aid schemes for large scale investment projects

Gabriela SoareGabriela Soare – Senior Consultant
Master in European Affairs and international Law, Bachelor degree in Law. Over 8 years experience in funding advisory, focus EU-funding and State Aid. 4 years an expert negotiator in the National Delegation for Romania’s EU – accession focus in the field of free movement of persons and company law.

Maria Kristin GylfadóttirMaria Kristin Gylfadóttir – Senior Consultant
Master’s degree in European Studies from Georgetown University (Washington DC), MBA from the University of Iceland. 15 years of funding advisory experience for companies, NGOs, education and research institutions across European and Nordic funding schemes (H2020, Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Nordplus, EEA & Norway Grants). Manager of the Erasmus+ Programme in Iceland 2013-2016, National Expert for the European Commission in Brussels 2009-2013 focusing on innovation and higher education. MBA programme manager at Reykjavik University, Cultural Counsellor for the Icelandic Embassy in Washington DC. Currently focusing on business development and strategy building in different business sectors, project management and internationalisation strategies

Adi HristovaAdi Hristova – Consultant, International Business Development
Master of Arts in Strategic Management and Marketing in London, UK. 5 year+ experience in management consulting specializing in marketing, innovation management and international business development. Expertise with grants-based funding programmes across Europe (especially UK, Bulgaria and EC funding). Background in the sports and entertainment industry. Currently working on projects in entrepreneurship, innovation management and smart cities.

Demmis NeculaDemmis Necula – Senior Consultant
MSc in Project Management, BA in Management, Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. 5 years in management consulting, specializing in proposal development and project management in EU funding, EEA & Norway grants, State Aid schemes, supporting SMEs and Large Enterprises across various industries.


News & Updates


green ict programme in estonia

EEA & Norway Grants in Estonia – EUR 23 million for Green ICT Projects. Calls Expected in 2018/2019.

EUR 23 million will be available for Estonian organisations via the Green ICT Programme, consisting of 3 focus areas: Green Industry Innovation, ICT and Welfare Technology. The objective of the Programme is to increase value creation and sustainable growth in … Read more

welfare technology in bulgaria

EEA & Norway Grants in Bulgaria – EUR 5 million for Welfare Technology Projects. Call Open for Applications.

EUR 5 million available for Bulgarian SMEs and large enterprises via the ‘Business Development, Innovations and SMEs’ Programme of the EEA & Norway grants, focus area: Welfare Technology (WT). The programme is operated by Innovation Norway and aims at contributing to … Read more

Baltic Research Programme

EEA Grants in Estonia – EUR 6 million under the Baltic Research Programme. Call Open for Applications.

EUR 6 million is available for research and development institutions from Estonia under the Baltic Research Programme. The call for proposals is currently open for applications for collaborative research projects in the areas of fundamental and applied sciences.   The main objective of … Read more


EEA & Norway Grants in Romania – 2nd Call for Proposals under the SME Growth Scheme expected in Jan-Apr 2019

Nearly EUR 20 million is expected to be available to SMEs, large enterprises and NGOs via the next call for project proposals via the SME Growth Programme in Romania, operated by Innovation Norway. The call for proposals would cover 3 focus areas: Green Industry … Read more


Winnovart Survey Results – Do you still need consultants for funding applications?

At Winnovart, we want to make sure we’re offering our clients and partners what they need. Therefore, we had recently launched a survey to see if SMEs and large enterprises still needed consultants for funding applications. The survey has provided us with insights revealing how significant the support … Read more

Green Industry Innovation Bulgaria 80 Applications

EEA & Norway Grants in Bulgaria – Green Industry Innovation call closed now, 80 Project Applications by Bulgarian companies

In Bulgaria 80 projects have been submitted to compete in the first call for proposals under the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs programme, focus area: Green Industry Innovation. The funding for this call was EUR 18 million focused on green … Read more

Renewable energy Romania eea norway grants

EEA & Norway Grants in Romania – EUR 27.1 million for Renewable Energy. Calls Open for Applications

EUR 27.1 million will be available for SMEs and Large enterprises via the Energy Programme in Romania, focus area Renewable Energy. The objective of the Energy Programme is “Less carbon intensive energy and increased security of supply”. The Programme focuses on stimulating … Read more

business development innovation croatia

EEA & Norway Grants in Croatia – EUR 22 million for SMEs, Business Development and Innovation for Croatian companies

EUR 22 million will be available to SMEs on the Croatian market via the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs programme aiming to increase the value creation and sustainable growth in the Croatian business sector. The programme is to be operated by Innovation … Read more

business development innovation greece

EEA & Norway Grants in Greece – EUR 21.5 million for SMEs, Business Development and Innovation for Greek companies

EUR 21.5 million will be available to SMEs on the Greek market via the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs programme aiming to increase the value creation and sustainable growth in the Greek business sector. The programme is to be operated by Innovation Norway, with … Read more

Newsletter Winnovart

Winnovart Survey Results – Your Feedback to OUR funding newsletter

At Winnovart, we want to make sure we’re offering our clients and partners what they need. We recently launched a feedback survey to see if the quality of our newsletters has been where it should be, and we are pleased to report we received very positive feedback.     … Read more