Project examples & Industry practices

Waste management & recycling

Project profile

Extension of the collection network for cardboard-waste along with upgrade of the processing capacity and implementation of an innovative; communication software for the optimization of the waste collection activity; Investment volume 3,75 mil. EUR in acquisition of equipment, software development and integration; local public listed supplier of paperboard and cardboard.

Winnovart role

Business plan, structuring of an international project partnership and full application file for funding resulting in a 1,5 mil. EUR grant.

Upgrade of the processing capacity by modernising the company’s technology for cardboard boxes manufacturing in order to significantly increase the level of added value generated within the company’s internal value chain, hence maximizing the internal capitalization of waste cardboard; Investment volume of EUR 3 mil. in acquisition of equipment, the project was implemented in partnership with a Norwegian partner with an extensive expertise in lean management and project management applied in waste management, recycling and communication systems.

Business plan, structuring of an international project partnership and full application file for funding resulting in a EUR 1 mil. grant.

News & Updates


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Doru-Christian Coretchi, Founder Winnovart

Innovation, Funding and Digitalisation with Winnovart in 2019

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Chat Bot Snapshot

Introducing Winnovart’s Chat Service

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