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EEA & Norway Grants in Romania – 2nd Call for Proposals under the SME Growth Scheme expected in April-June 2019


Nearly EUR 20 million is expected to be available to SMEs, large enterprises and NGOs via the next call for project proposals via the SME Growth Programme in Romania, operated by Innovation Norway. The call for proposals would cover 3 focus areas: Green Industry Innovation, Blue Growth and ICT and according to information from Innovation Norway, the call is anticipated to open around April 2019. 

More details on the 3 focus areas:

Green Industry Innovation – targets initiatives for innovative green technologies, development of innovative products and solutions, greener production processes, more efficient handling of resources and technological systems, material efficiency activities and waste management.
ICT – Information and Communication Technology – supports product/process/service development using ICT component, development of ICT products/process/services.
Blue Growth – supports development of innovative technologies, processes, solutions, products or services based on blue resources from the Black Sea, inland waters and rivers and coastal areas.

The first call for proposals under this programme in Romania opened in May 2018, whereas the deadline for project proposals’ submission was on 1 November 2018. For more details on the first call of the SME Growth Programme, please review here. 

The second call for proposals expected to open during April 2019 and anticipated to replicate the first call, however, with a slightly less budget available. Funding intensities of up to 80% could be expected as well as 1 funding stream: large scheme with grants up to EUR 2 million, with the small scheme with grants up to EUR 200k not indicated as per the update.

The deadline for the new upcoming call is currently foreseen to be in June 2019.

Furthermore, a separate call for proposals – Boost to Romanian Business Sector – is expected to open in the 4th quarter of 2019 and will address SMEs and NGO, including clusters and business organisations. More updates to be published soon.

Full calendar and competition information (presented by Innovation Norway as tentative) has recently been updated on the upcoming calls:



Tentatively planned calls (as per October 2018) Indicative budget (EUR) Tentative opening month Deadline for project/ request submission Grant level Eligible applicants Eligible partners
Fund for Bilateral Relations – Call for
Travel support
50,000 January 2019 Until the budget is exhausted Lump sum of EUR 1,2001,500/ 1,000 per entity SMEs and Large enterprises with more than 75% private ownership and NGOs, established as a legal person in Romania. All types of entities, legally established in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein
Norway Grants – Individual Project Scheme – Call for project proposals for Green Industry Innovation, ICT and Blue Growth 18,466,666 April 2019 June 2019 EUR 200,000 – EUR 2,000,000 per awarded project SMEs and Large enterprises with more than 75% private ownership established as a legal person in Romania All types of entities, established in Norway or Romania
EEA Grants – Small Grants Scheme – Call for project proposals for Boost to Romanian business sector 2,000,000 4th Quarter 2019 4th Quarter 2019 EUR 10,000 – EUR 200,000
Per awarded project
SMEs and NGOs established as a legal person in Romania (including clusters and business organisations) All types of entities, legally established in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Romania
(source: Innovation Norway, updated on 22 February 2019)



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