EU grants for Research & Innovation on the Romanian market

The new 2014-2020 EU funding programmes on the Romanian market are soon to be launched. During the past 2 months, the guidelines for several funding actions with focus on Research & Innovation have been posted for public consultation by the Ministry of European Funds. As everywhere in the EU, innovation is one of the key funding topics in this new financial cycle with attractive grant volumes and intensities. Both the private sector and various research organizations are being addressed by these funding actions.

Innovation clusters – Support for the R&D investments within innovation clusters. Broad range of eligible expenses are supported with funding volumes of up to 7 mil Euro and intensities of up to 65%.Read more

R&D departments of enterprises – Support for increasing R&D and innovation capacity across private enterprises. With funding volumes of up to EUR 20 mil and intensities of up to 70%, the focus is on set-up or upgrade of R&D departments. Read more

Attracting skilled foreign personnel for R&D – Support for attracting international R&D specialists into local organizations or enterprises with funding volumes of up to EUR 2 mil and intensities of up to 100% for fundamental research. Read more

Grants for innovative start-ups – Support for innovative start-up enterprises that develop new products and/or processes based on existing R&D results or patented ideas. Funding volumes of up to EUR 800.000 and intensities of up to 100% allocated for achieving the industrial readiness of products. Read more

Innovative start-ups and spin-offs – Support for developing products, technologies / processes and / or significantly improved services. Funding volumes of up to EUR 200.000 and intensities of up to 90% are available for innovative enterprises of all sizes and partnerships. Read more

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