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Doru-Christian Coretchi, Founder Winnovart

Innovation, Funding and Digitalisation with Winnovart in 2019

Digitalisation of funding advisory services with Winnovart. In 2018 we have started a digitalisation process in the way we are delivering our services. Our clients and partners have now access anytime and anywhere to valuable content and insights, relevant for … Read more

Chat Bot Snapshot

Introducing Winnovart’s Chat Service

As of January 2019 and as part of our digitalisation roadmap we are introducing a chat feature on our website. This will enable us to be closer to our audience (clients, partners or stakeholders) and react quicker and more effectively … Read more

Blue Growth Innovation & SMEs in Portugal

EEA & Norway Grants in Portugal – EUR 38 million for Blue Growth Innovation and SMEs

EUR 38 million will be available for Portuguese organizations via the Blue Growth Innovation and SMEs programme aiming to increase the value creation and sustainable growth in the blue economy in Portugal. The programme is to be operated by the … Read more