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EEA & Norway Grants in Croatia – 22 million euro for business innovation projects to become available in 2019


22 million euro to become available to Croatian companies for business innovation projects during 2019-2020 under EEA&Norway grants. Based on the other similar programmes operated/ enabled by Innovation Norway: 75% of the budget is expected to go to SMEs; 2 funding streams (small projects for grants up to 200Keur, larger projects with grants up to 2Meur/ project); funding intensities up to 70%.  

Innovation Norway has published updated information regarding the funding available for businesses on the Croatian Market under the EEA&Norway grants 2014-2021. 

Main highlights: 

The Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Programme Croatia is a business development programme aiming to increase value creation and sustainable growth in the Croatian business sector. 

Programme Fund Operator: Innovation Norway Oslo
Programme Partner: The Croatian Chamber of Economy, Zagreb
Programme Budget: € 22.000.000 

Areas of Support and Programme Specifics 

Areas of Support:
– Innovative technologies, processes and services
– Sustainable business development
– Greening of existing businesses and processes
– Development and implementation of innovative products and services 

Programme Area Specifics: 

The Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Programme will seek to stimulate and develop long-term business cooperation between Norway on one hand, and Croatia on the other, based on business development and innovation. The aim is to allocate 75 percent of the funding to small and medium size enterprises. Priority will be given to bilateral partnership projects offering added value. 

Focus areas – Based on challenges and needs of the business sector in Croatia, there will be at least two main focus areas:
– Green industry innovation
Blue growth 

Travel Grants 

To facilitate establishment of bilateral partnerships between enterprises in Croatia and partners in Norway, a Travel Support Scheme will be available. The intent is to prepare joint project applications for the upcoming call(s) under the Programme. The Travel Programme is currently open. 

Travel support for individual partner search will be available prior to the calls. 

General information about the EEA&Norway grants in Croatia – 

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