EUR 173 mil. for Romanian SMEs, individual grants up to EUR 1 mil. The competition will start very soon!

EUR 173 mil. available to Romanian SMEs across all industries for investments in production activities and development of services. With grants between EUR 200.000 – EUR 1 mil. and funding intensities up to 70%, POR 2.2. represents the main funding programme dedicated to Romanian urban and rural SMEs (including microenterprises).

The competition will be launched on 27 February 2017 and will be regional. The eligible regions are: North East, South East, South Muntenia, South West Oltenia, West, North West and Center, and the budget for every region is ranged between EUR 20 and 30 mil.

The final form of the Applicant Guide confirms the final list of eligible NACE codes, the specific conditions of eligibility and the technical evaluation criteria, after a series of changes during the public consultation process.

The submission period will last 6 months, and will be opened until 23 August 2017.

Find out more details about this funding programme, in our detailed presentation.

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