EUR 200 million for SME development in Romania

EUR 200 million  will be available for SMEs in Romania as part of a new multi-annual state aid scheme that is being managed by the Ministry of Economy. With an annual allocation of EUR 50 million, the scheme will support investments between EUR 1 million and EUR 10 million, thus complementing other local funding programmes (EU funds, state aid) that do not cover this scale of investment. It is estimated to launch in October 2016, and become operational from the beginning of 2017 until the end of 2020. The scheme is expected to support a number of approximatively 200 beneficiaries until 2020.

More information about this programme, such as its funding intensity, will be published soon.

For more details, as well as a preliminary discussion regarding the eligibility of a possible investment project, please contact our experts at Winnovart.

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