EUR 200 million for supporting SMEs investments on the Romanian market in 2017.

EUR 200 million will be available under the new multi-annual scheme for funding SMEs across all industries on the Romanian market until 2020. Out of the total budget, EUR 22.2 million will be available in 2017. With grants up to EUR 1.12 million and funding intensities up to 70% (up to 35% in Bucharest-Ilfov), this is the main funding programme for SMEs investment projects of minimum EUR 1 million.

The funding line will support SMEs, including microenterprises to develop production activities or services in rural or urban areas. All development regions, including Bucharest-Ilfov, are eligible within the present State Aid Scheme, each of them having a different funding intensity, according to their development level.

Estimated to launch in the second quarter of 2017 the funding programme will support:
Construction works;
• Purchase of technological equipment, vehicles, machinery and installation works;
• Purchase of patents, licenses, know-how or other intellectual property rights.

Find out more details about this funding programme, in our programme presentation.

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