700 mil. EUR EU funding for SME development in Romania

EUR 700 million are available through the Regional Operational Programme for all types of SMEs until 2020. The first calls for submissions will open in the first trimester of 2016 and will take place annually.

Priority Axis 2 of the Regional Operational Programme includes two priority investments, namely:

  1. Priority 1 – for the development of micro-enterprises that will open in the near future (eligible costs will include acquisition of assets, construction/modernisation of the production facilities, etc.), with a funding intensity of 100% and grants of up to EUR 200,000.The applicant’s guide is currently under public consultation and the final version will be released within the upcoming weeks.

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  1. Priority 2 – for the development of SMEs that are older than one year. The maximum grant allocated per project within this programme will be EUR 1 million, according to publicly available information. Eligible costs will include obtainment of intangible and tangible assets, construction/modernisation of the production/service facilities, marketing of the products and services, purchasing external information and activities specifically related to the internationalisation process.The application process will possibly begin in the first trimester of 2016.

    The applicant’s guide has not been released yet for public consultation. Further details will be put forward as soon as it becomes available.

This notice was written on the basis of publicly available information from the websites of the relevant authorities.

The calls for submissions will most probably open within the next 3 months. Companies that submit their applications at the launch of the call will have a substantial advantage, contingent on the subsequent application of the set of evaluation factors. For even though the application process will be a call with continuous submissions, quality projects (ones that surpass a certain score, namely 85 points) will benefit from the “first come, first serve” principle.

Timely preparation of the application will be an important advantage for SMEs that would like to access POR.

At Winnovart, we are experienced in preparing projects for grants and we will gladly assist in identifying and developing a strategy to exploit such funding opportunities.

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