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Winnovart Explore – Winnovart starts a strategic partnership with Ambro (Rossmann Group)

At Winnovart we are committed to create business and development opportunities around the EEA & Norway grants. We are helping companies to get access to and raise funding under this mechanism, while also bridging the gap between the Donor and the Beneficiary States.

We partner with organisations from the Beneficiary States of the EEA & Norway grants, market leaders and companies that are looking to innovate in their industries, by adopting the latest technologies and solutions that can help them improve their business models, operational efficiency or sustainability practices as well as environmental impact.

This summer we have initiated a new partnership with Ambro Romania (part of the Rossmann Group HQ France, a group of 25 companies with operations in Europe and Africa), a leader in the production of core-lid paper used in manufacturing of corrugated cardboard. The produced papers are delivered to the companies producing corrugated cardboard in Romania as well as in Europe, within the Rossmann Group and beyond.

Ambro puts a lot of value on the long-term social and environmental impact by continuously investing in resource-efficient management. The company supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 by preventing contamination and degradation of products with their corrugated cardboard packaging, which is 100% recyclable and based on renewable and biodegradable sources.


Mr. Paul-Henri Kohler, General Director, about Ambro’s investment & sustainability strategy:

“At Ambro / Rossmann Romania, we believe in sustainability through recycling. Therefore our investment strategy is related to technologies that enable sustainability and long-term environmental impact. We are constantly investing into areas such as wastewater management, energy efficiency, and we are always open to new technologies and models.

We help in saving forests by using waste papers to manufacture corrugated paper, by purchasing FSC certified paper coming from responsible forestry exploitation and continuously optimize the corrugated cardboard weight reduction, minimizing paper consumption and losses.

We believe that Norway is a great source of inspiration when it comes to know-how, management models and innovations around the waste management industry.  We are working with Winnovart because of their experience in raising funding for green projects, their special background with the EEA & Norway grants, as well as for their capacity to open up business collaborations with relevant players from the Norwegian market.” 


More details about Ambro here. 

In case you are interested to discuss cooperation options with Ambro, please feel free to reach out to us.