Opening of the State Aid Scheme for major investments in Romania – call 2016, 145 million euros

The 2016 call opening for the State Aid Scheme supporting major investments in Romania (GD 807/2014) has been officially announced by its programme operator, the Romanian Ministry of Finances.

145 million euros will be available for SMEs and Large Enterprises across industries during 11 July – 22 August 2016, with funding intensities up to 50%. Eligible investment projects will have a minimum value of 10 million euros and refer to asset investments (both equipment and construction works eligible).

The call opening confirms the recent update regarding increased budget and transparency.

For detailed information about this funding scheme, please check our presentation, as well as our study on the 2015 results of this funding programme.  This new session also brings an updated version of the Programme Guidelines, available on the programme website, as well as an updated version of the underlying Government Decision.

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