SME Instrument outlook 2015

After a very successful 2014, with more than 8.000 applications submitted, the Champions League of European SME innovation continues in 2015, with a total funding budget of approx. EUR 260 mil and 4 cut-off dates during the year.
Starting with 2015, the SME Instrument offers quarterly cut-off dates, jointly for both the Phase 1 and Phase 2: 18 March 2015 – 17 June 2015 – 17 September 2015 – 25 November 2015.Nevertheless, the calls for proposals are continuously open, so applications can be submitted at any time.

The SME Instrument theme budget breakdown for the entire 2015:

Topics Budget 2015
Phase1 Phase2
High risk ICT innovation €4.5m
~90 projects
~26 projects
Nanotech, or other advanced tech for manufacturing and materials €2.4m
~47 projects
~14 projects
Space research and development €0.9m
~18 projects
~13 projects
Diagnostics devices and biomarkers €4.5m
~90 projects
~26 projects
Sustainable food production and processing €1.7m
~18 projects
~10 projects
 Seas and oceans (Blue growth) €0.5m
~10 projects
~2-3 projects
Low carbon energy systems €3.7m
~74 projects
~22 projects
Greener and more integrated transport €3.9m
~78 projects
~23 projects
Eco-innovation and sustainable raw material supply €1.9m
~38 projects
~11 projects
Urban critical infrastructure €0.7m
~14 projects
~4 projects
Biotechnology-based industrial processes €0.2m
~5 projects
~1 project
Mobile e-government applications €0.4m
~8 projects
~2 projects
SME business model innovation €1.1m
~22 projects
~6 projects
TOTAL ~510 projects ~160 projects
€29m €230.7m

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