SME Instrument Review – March 2016

This month’s updates on the SME Instrument have focused on the Seal of Excellence project proposals that can receive funding in a few countries that have implemented national funding schemes to support its innovation champions that could not be funded under the SME Instrument. These quality label project proposals can apply under a simplified form, where applicants are not evaluated for the second time, but the outcome of the Horizon 2020 is accepted. The countries in question are Sweden, Finland, Italy and Romania. You can check a detailed outlook of the alternative funding sources here.

SME Instrument has adapted its evaluation process and cut-off rhythm in 2016 in order to right-size the process, to inform the applicants faster and to decouple the evaluation with the aim of creating a shorter time span for signing grants in Phase 2. In consequence, the next cut-off date for Phase 2 is 14th of April 2016, whereas Phase 1 proposals must be submitted until 3rd of May 2016. You can check a detailed outlook of the SME Instrument 2016-2017 here.

SMEs will be granted more than EUR 350 mil. in 2016 for project proposals covering 13 topics, a considerable budget increase in comparison to 2015. Around 1000 innovative SMEs are expected to benefit of SME Instrument funding this year. You can check a detailed topic budget, evaluation and deadline updates here.

We at Winnovart value innovation and support excellence. In order to take a step further in our uphold for innovative SMEs we have created a dedicated web section for SME Instrument, where you can check the latest updates, our compiled analysis and statistics. You can check it here.

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