SME Instrument Update – Results for Phase 2 June 2016 cutoff date

EASME has selected 56 projects from 65 SMEs in 18 countries on the basis of the proposals received in Phase 2 cut-off in June 2016. Projects selected from this cut-off will receive a total of €89 million, and each project will receive up to €2.5 million (€5 million for health projects). This funding will assist SMEs to bring their product to the market from pilot-phase. The projects were selected from 1,167 proposals and the number of projects has notably increased from the April 2016 cut-off date.

Most projects will be for ICT (12) and transport (9), followed by low-carbon energy systems (7).

Most SMEs benefitting from this funding come from Spain (19), Italy (7) and Germany (6), which together account for 49% of the selected SME.

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