State aid schemes in Romania, more budget, more transparency. Attractive funding for enterprises across industries.

Following the increasing interest of large enterprises to invest in Romania sice the opening of the State Aid Scheme for major investments in assets (GD 807/2014) late 2014, the Government considers an increase in its annual budget from EUR 100 million to EUR 145 million.

On top of this, the aim in the near future is to make the evaluation process more efficient and more transparent. A new and streamlined process of evaluation and selection process will include introduction of a clear scoring and ranking system.

The Romanian market is currently offering one of the most attractive state aid schemes across the entire EU for private sector investments, with direct grants of up to EUR 37.5m/ project and funding intensities up to 50% available for SMEs and Large Enterprises across sectors and industries until 2020.

For detailed information about this funding scheme, please check our presentation.

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