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Funding advisory


Funding advisory…with focus on grants…. Our advisory  services focus on the different available funding opportunities across the European Union: EU-grants, State -Aid schemes, EEA & Norway grants, other alternative funding and incentive programmes.

The Opportunity. Grants and subsidies optimize the financial structure of an investment making it more feasible under difficult access to private finance. Even in those cases where a stable financial profile of the company enables a good access to private finance (banks, investment funds, private equities etc,), grants will always increase the attractiveness of an investment project… Read more

The Challenge….
Knowing and controlling the process makes a project successful under a funding programme There are various funding opportunities on the market, attractive grant volumes and funding rates, but also complex requirements to fulfill…Read more

Our role… 
At Winnovart, we know the game when it comes to funding programmes.
Our consulting approach covers the whole process…Read more