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Funding advisory


Introducing our services

At Winnovart we like to say that we know the game when it comes to grants-funding.

Our mission is to support your company’s development by obtaining the needed funding for the investments you are planning. We deliver on this mission by providing you:

  • Leadership and expertise in the field of grants-based funding
  • Prompt and Hands-On operational support in the project development and implementation process,
  • A positive experience during this process, through the methodology and tools we will use.

We have worked with companies of various profiles and circumstances. This is why we have designed a broad, flexible and modular service portfolio that cover the entire lifecycle of a funding application/ project. At the same time, regardless of your situation, we believe we can accelerate the process of your application development or project implementation, by providing you the type of support that you actually need.

Our services include:

  • Funding readiness assessment
  • Independent feedback (proposal development phase)
  • Bilateral partnership development (proposal development phase)
  • Full funding advisory (entire lifecycle)
  • Grant management (project implementation phase)
  • Spot-ON expert advisory
  • DIY support advisory
  • Funding landscape review (client tailored)
  • Funding strategy development & implementation
  • Dissemination & Exploitation