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Is currently insolvent, as per Act nr. 85/2006 regarding insolvency procedures, with amendments and supplements;Has filed for bankruptcy and liquidation, and either the business is being managed by a judicial administrator or the commercial activities are suspended or it is subject to an agreement with its creditors, or is in a similar situation as in point 1), as regulated by law;Is subject to legal procedures to be declared into one of the situations stated in point 2).Has net liabilities that exceed a twelfth (1/12) of the total obligations owed in the last 12 months (in case of the tax certificate issued by the National Agency for Fiscal Administration), and/or payment obligations that exceed a sixth (1/6) of the total obligations owed in the last semester (in case of the tax certificate issued by local authorities), including for all the work sites registered in the ascertaining certificate;Has been declared/found to be in serious contractual breach due to unfulfilled obligations arising from a procurement procedure or from another EU funds grant;Has been subject to a state aid recovery order resulting from the decision of the Competition Council or the European Commission, and the order has not yet been executed;Is in financial difficulties, as per EU guidelines on 'State aid for rescuing and restructuring enterprises in difficulty', published by the Official Journal of the European Union nr. C 244 of 1.10.2004.NO

Has been convicted due to their professional conduct in breaching the law, and the court decision handed down is the final judgement (res judicata) (i.e. the court decision against which no appeal can be exercised as per the law).Has been subject to a final judgement (res judicata) for fraud, corruption, organised crime or any other unlawful activities, in the detriment of the financial interests of the EU.NO