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Winnovart Insights & Statistics

At Winnovart it is part of our mission to accelerate your access to relevant grants funding programmes.

This is why we are constantly publishing insights and statistics related to the funding schemes we are working with, based on our direct experience with these schemes, based on surveys, as well as on publicly available data.

While doing so, we also aim to bring more transparency in the grants-funding marketspace. We believe that more transparency will make the access to grants-funding easier, it will put you in a better position when making decisions related to grants-funding, as well as put a bit of positive pressure on Fund Operators to provide a better service to their clients (applicants and beneficiaries).

This is our Winnovart Insights & Statistics and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

Insights and Statistics – May 2020
Insights and Statistics – April 2020
Insights and Statistics – March 2020
Insights and Statistics – February 2020
Insights and Statistics – January 2020