Business Development

way to successRegardless of the economic times, growth will always be an issue for an organization.

Today, the chances for business expansion are narrower than in the years before. However, many companies are interested in developing their businesses by complying with the new market conditions, as they recognize that difficult economic times bring challenges, but also opportunities.

“Survival of the fittest”
The companies need fastness and responsiveness to change. Hence, it is critical to design an appropriate development plan in order to implement the right actions. Although some companies take advantage of arising opportunities, others still have difficulties with the notion of development.

BUT, in order to plan the future, enterprises must thoroughly examine their past and present.

“The future is based on the past” (Philosopher Odo Marquard)

“The future is based on the past” (Philosopher Odo Marquard)

As consultants, we:

– help you analyze and understand the business development process under existing market conditions,
– define the main elements of your own business development process and link it to a total system,
– outline and assess your main corporate success factors,
– develop together with you realistic corporate targets and the appropriate strategy to reach them, and
– drive together with you the implementation process.

We use the “strategic triangle” approach on Business Development:

Faix (et al. 1994, 1999)

Faix (et al. 1994, 1999)

Business development is always a dynamic process based on four elements:

– The company’s current situation
– The underlying framework within which the company acts
– The goals and objectives of the company
– The pathway for reaching the objectives – the strategy

Our Business Development consulting services include:

– International expansion planning and implementing
– Market studies and marketing plans
– New product/ service development
– Business Plans & Feasibility Studies
– Design and implementation of development strategies
– Organizational development and/ or optimization
– Business model development
– Corporate strategy review and development

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