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Finance concept: Light Bulb on digital backgroundFunding advisory…with focus on grants…. Our advisory  services focus on the different available funding opportunities across the European Union: EU-grants, State -Aid schemes, EEA & Norway grants, other alternative funding and incentive programmes.

The Opportuniy. Grants and subsidies optimize the financial structure of an investment making it more feasible under difficult access to private finance. Even in those cases where a stable financial profile of the company enables a good access to private finance (banks, investment funds, private equities etc,), grants will always increase the attractiveness of an investment project… Read more

Typically, EU-grants and similar funding are non-reimbursable money. They are available to both private and public beneficiaries.
At Winnovart, we are dedicated to provide funding opportunities to the private sector. We aim to be the first name to be considered by SMEs and large enterprises across different industries looking for attractive solutions to finance their investment projects.

Almost regardless of your business case and activity profile, we will always provide innovative ideas for financing your investment.
Funding rates may vary depending on company size, project location and profile. Nevertheless, private enterprise can get in most of the cases up to 70% financing of their investments’ eligible costs. In some cases the funding rate can go up to 100% of specific eligible expenses.

There is a large variety of grants & incentive programmes available on the European market. According to our experience we would structure it into 4 main groups:
EU-funding programmes offered and managed directly by the European Comission, available to applicants across entire European Union
EU-funding programmes implemented locally, in each EU-member state, by the responsible local authorities
Local State-aid and incentive mechanisms, available in individual countries or regions, according to specific local policies
Regional funding programmes available for a wider region (comprising more countries) but implemented locally – for example the EEA and Norway financial mechanism addressing a group of EU-member states in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Challenge….Knowing and controlling the process makes a project successful under a funding programme There are various funding opportunities on the market, attractive grant volumes and funding rates, but also complex requirements to fulfill…Read more

Typically, EU-grants and similar funding are non-reimbursable money. They are available to both private and public beneficiaries. Mandatory first steps are the definition of a sustainable investment project and identification of most suitable funding programmes available.
A key point is then the formal eligibility of the project and applicant, depending on the specific criteria and requirements of the targeted programme. Once these milestones are overcome, you may continue the application process.
There are 4 generic phases in the development and implementation of an investment project in a public-funding context:
1. formal eligibility structuring
2. preparing and filing a competitive application
3. successfully passing the evaluation phase and receiving the funding approval
4. implementing the project according to the approved structure

Our role… At Winnovart, we know the game when it comes to funding programmes.
Our consulting approach covers the whole process…Read more

Our range of services comprise:
– Eligibility check (project/applicant)
– Structuring the financing concept
– Developing the required business plans/ feasibility studies
– Full- prepare of the application file
– Support during the evaluation process
– Project management during the implementation phase (with special attention on the procurement process, reporting obligations and payment claims)

News & Updates


R&D Tax Credits Survey

R&D Tax Credits – Research Survey for innovative companies and industries in the UK.

Only 20% of UK small and medium enterprises eligible to receive tax refunds for innovation apply. These 20% received £1.3 billion in the 2015-2016 tax year alone. Altogether, SMEs and large enterprises have received nearly £3 billion in this period. For more … Read more


R&D Tax Credits in the UK – Statistics of an under-exploited funding support mechanism on the UK market.

At Winnovart, our focus has always been grants-based funding programmes, such as the ones from Innovate UK, EC/ Horizon 2020 or similar. Although under different terms, the Reaserch & Develpment (R&D) Tax Credit scheme offered by HMRC represents a way … Read more


EEA & Norway grants in Bulgaria – EUR 56.5 Million for Green Industry Innovation, Welfare & Health Tech, Energy efficiency.

Bulgaria will get approximately EUR 210 million under the EEA & Norway grants 2014-2021 out of which EUR 56.5 million will be dedicated to the business sector via 2 programme areas and first calls expected to open during 2018: • Business Development, Innovation and SMEs (EUR 28.5 million); • Renewable Energy, Energy … Read more


EEA & Norway Grants in Bulgaria – A bit of history.
32 projects funded under Green Industry Innovation 2009-2014

EUR 11.5 million was allocated to 32 projects for greening of businesses in Bulgaria during the previous cycle of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, Innovation Norway’s programme for Green Industry Innovation. With 110 Bulgarian projects submitted for the 3 calls … Read more


Time for EEA & Norway grants in Romania

Winnovart has recently offered a practical workshop on how to get access to the EEA & Norway grants on the Romanian market. The workshop has been promoted and hosted by Bucharest Impact HUB, addressing Romanian start-ups and innovative companies looking … Read more


EEA & Norway Grants – EUR 102.1 million allocated to Latvia

Latvia will get EUR 102.1 million under the EEA & Norway Grants 2014 – 2021, being one of the 15 Beneficiary States across the EU in this new funding cycle, to have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Donor States (Norway, … Read more


EEA & Norway Grants – EUR 809.3 million allocated to Poland

Poland will get EUR 809.3 million under the EEA & Norway Grants 2014 – 202, being one of the 15 Beneficiary States across the EU in this new funding cycle, to have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Donor States (Norway, … Read more


EEA & Norway grants in 2018. Funding for innovation, sustainability and international collaboration

At the beginning of 2018, our special funding recommendation was …  the EEA & Norway grants across Northern, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. 2.8 billion euro are becoming available starting this year, for a variety of areas, with an estimated … Read more


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EEA & Norway grants – Fund for regional cooperation. EUR 34.5 million for transnational and cross-border cooperation projects

The new Fund for Regional Cooperation is the latest funding opportunity for international projects under the EEA & Norway grants 2014-2021. The programme will support international consortium projects in the following areas: • inclusive dialogue and the strengthening of cross-border … Read more