green ict programme in estonia

EEA & Norway Grants in Estonia – EUR 23 million for Green ICT Projects. Calls Expected in 2018/2019.


EUR 23 million will be available for Estonian organisations via the Green ICT Programme, consisting of 3 focus areas: Green Industry Innovation, ICT and Welfare Technology. The objective of the Programme is to increase value creation and sustainable growth in the business sector in Estonia.

The Programme, part of the EEA&Norway Grants 2014-2021, aims at contributing to the reduction of economic and social disparities in the EEA as well as at strengthening the bilateral relations between Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and the Beneficiary states. The Green ICT programme operator is Enterprise Estonia, whereas Innovation Norway Oslo is the programme partner.

The funding will be allocated according to 4 areas of support: 

₋ Innovative technologies, processes and services
₋ Sustainable business development
₋ Greening of existing businesses and processes
₋ Development and implementation of innovative products and services 

In the upcoming months, the Fund Operator will publish additional information about the financing conditions, eligibility criteria for applicants, eligible costs, etc. The initial updates reveal that 75% of the funding will be allocated to SMEs and priority will be given to bilateral partnership projects offering added value. 

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