EUR 315 billion EFSI investments to boost private-sector projects

Up to EUR 315 billion will be invested until 2020 with the EFSI programme (Juncker Plan) in various projects across the EU through loans granted by the EIB and EIF on the basis of substantial guarantees provided by the EU Commission. All enterprises across all member states will be eligible for the EFSI programme where they can access financing from EUR 25,000 to EUR 300 million depending on the business and project size.

The new financing programme is an EU financial instrument whereby the Commission provides substantial guarantees to the EIB and the EIF for loans provided to EU enterprises, thus lowering borrowing costs, boosting higher-risk projects and making investment loans more accessible. Through the supply of risk-bearing capacity to the EIB and EFSI, the purpose of the EFSI is to support investments and/or increased access to financing for entities having up to 3,000 employees, with a particular focus on SMEs and small mid-cap companies. Therefore, the eligible beneficiaries include SMEs (<500 employees), mid-caps (500-3000), large caps (>3000) and SPVs (special purpose vehicles). Projects will be assessed according to a point system established by the Commission and higher points will be awarded for the following areas: R&D, innovation, energy, transport, SME development, ICT, environment, human capital, culture and health.

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To apply for an EFSI, enterprises must apply for loans either with the EIB or with the EIF. Application submissions are already being accepted by the institutions until 2020 or until the guarantees have been exhausted.

In our experience, between 2015 and 2020 grant programmes for mid-caps and large companies will be less present and the above financing instrument can be an interesting alternative for enterprises that ensures the continuous development and expansion of the private-sector.

With our in-depth knowledge and vast experience with EU funds, state aid schemes and various funding solutions, we invite you to discuss together the development opportunities that EFSI may provide for your company.

At Winnovart, we are experienced in preparing projects for grants and we will gladly assist in identifying and developing a strategy to exploit such funding opportunities.

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