EUR 38 million for smart energy metering for energy distribution operators through EU funds

EUR 38 million represents the total budget set aside for the “Promoting clean energy and energy efficiency in order to support the economy with lower carbon emissions” programme. The objective is to fund projects that will implement smart energy metering systems for households.

The programme will begin in January 2016 and it will be a programme with continuous submissions for projects.

Maximum value of a grant awarded for a project is EUR 5,000,000, and the eligible costs of the project (including VAT) cannot exceed EUR 50,000,000 or its equivalent in lei.

This call for submissions within the “Large Infrastructure Operational Programme” will fund costs that mainly involve investments in:

  • Developing smart metering systems for electricity (metering subsystems, information transmission subsystems, meter information management subsystems);
  • The modernisation/refurbishment of the low/medium voltage distribution grid to ensure optimal conditions for developing smart metering systems;
  • Other activities which are absolutely necessary so as to implement the smart metering systems.

The eligible applicants are distribution operators acting under a public service concession for electricity, which are obligated to install 80% of the smart meters until 2020


For more information, you can access our detailed presentation here.

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