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EEA & Norway grants – How much time do you need to prepare a funding application?


Writing a funding application can be more or less difficult, but it is always time consuming.

We have extensive experience with the EEA & Norway grants and we have recently received these questions more and more from clients and partners. How difficult is it and how much time do we need to prepare a funding application?

The statistics below are based on our own direct experience with the business funding programmes operated by Innovation Norway under EEA &Norway grants 2014-2021.

The complexity in terms of difficulty is medium. It is, however, time-consuming and sometimes challenging when it comes to correlating with partner organizations from the Donor States.

On average it takes around 200h of work by a mixed team (combining expertise in project management, technical solution, marketing, financial and innovation management) for the proposal development and submission. On top of that, additional time is needed for identifying and engaging with potential bilateral partners from the Donor States.

The general structure of the application file comprises an Application Form with 17 sections, a Business Plan with 5 main chapters that consists of over 15 sections, along with 25 mandatory attachments and optional attachments and appendixes. Based on our experience, on average there are 30 documents in the application file to be put together. Altogether resulting in an application file with over 200 pages.

Moreover, the evaluation process would consume around 20 hours for addressing various clarification requests received from the Fund Operator/ Evaluation officers.



At Winnovart we are committed to support businesses (project promoters and partners) to accelerate the process of developing and submitting a competitive funding application.

We can do this with full hands-on support throughout the process or with limited support in those areas of the application file/ process (specific sections of the application file), where your team lacks the experience or the time.  We can also enable you to develop your funding application without external consulting support, by providing you access to our tools and instruments.

If you need support to accelerate the process of identifying a bilateral partner from the Donor States and setting up a bilateral partnership concept, please have a look at the support options we are providing.

If you would like to book a free session with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out and fill in more details about your project and company here.

If you would like to book an expert advisory session (paid for) on any topic related to the funding application, please book here.

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