Feedback Standard

Feedback Plus

This service addresses organisations that are developing a proposal (full or partial application file) and would like an independent expert review of their work.

  • Feedback Plus
    • We will offer an introduction session to discuss the funding programme and the work methodology
    • We will offer you access to a pool of pre-recorded video sessions/ explainers for selected components of the application file
    • We will provide you access to our tools, drafts and templates to help you accelerate the process of writing the application and preparing the application file.
    • We will provide you with a project management tool and a suggested timeline for your proposal development process
    • You will draft/ prepare your proposal/application file
    • We will review your application file/components of your application file in order to identify areas the need improvement or optimisation
    • You will receive our independent feedback and suggestions in the form of a written report
    • We will also offer a direct workshop to discuss your application file and our feedback report