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EEA Grants in Estonia – EUR 6 million under the Baltic Research Programme. Call Open for Applications.

EUR 6 million is available for research and development institutions from Estonia under the Baltic Research Programme. The call for proposals is currently open for applications for collaborative research projects in the areas of fundamental and applied sciences.  

The main objective of the Baltic Research Programme is to enhance the research-based knowledge development in the Baltic States through research cooperation between Norway, Iceland & Liechtenstein and the Baltic States. The programme is aiming to contribute to the reduction of economic and social disparities in the EEA, to strengthen the bilateral relations between the Donor States and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as to enhance the Baltic research performance internationally.   

The Baltic Research Programme in Estonia is to be operated by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and the Estonian Research Council in cooperation with the Research Council of Norway. The minimum amount of grant to apply for is EUR 300k and the maximum is EUR 800k for projects with one Baltic States and one Donor State partner. Proposals could be submitted in collaboration with at least one research team from Latvia and/or Lithuania, and a partner from the Donor States: Norway, Iceland and/or Liechtenstein. However, project applications from a consortium of partners from all Baltic States and one Donor State partner could amount up to EUR 1 million.

Proposals for collaborative research projects are invited in all areas of fundamental and applied sciences. Priority will be given to the applications addressing the following challenges in the Baltic region:  

– Public health; translational medicine; health technologies
– Migration; social inclusion
– Regional cyber security; public security
– Environmentally friendly solutions
– Regional economic development; employment; labour market regulations and social policy
– More effective use of resources

Funding intensities could reach up to 100% of the total eligible project costs, which are directly related to the project and could be justified. The eligible costs are the following: 

– personnel costs (the cost of staff assigned to the project)
– travel and subsistence allowances for staff taking part in the project
– subcontracting costs (no more than 15% of total budget project)
– other costs (consumables)
– institutional overhead (flat rate of 25% of total direct eligible costs, excluding direct eligible costs for subcontracting).

Projects’ duration could be between 36 and 48 months. 

During the programme period, two additional calls will be open: one in Latvia in 2019 and another one in Lithuania in 2019/2020. 

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