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EEA & Norway grants – Fund for regional cooperation. EUR 34.5 million for transnational and cross-border cooperation projects

The new Fund for Regional Cooperation is the latest funding opportunity for international projects under the EEA & Norway grants 2014-2021.

The programme will support international consortium projects in the following areas:

  • inclusive dialogue and the strengthening of cross-border and transnational networks,
  • capacity building,
  • knowledge sharing and policy exchange to accelerate innovation;
  • the development of sustainable cooperation structures between the business sector, public sector, civil sector and academia;
  • engagements contributing to and enhancing effectiveness and efficiency in policy development and responses to common European challenges.

The transnational and/or cross-border projects will address challenges corresponding to the 5 priority sectors of the EEA & Norway grants.

Eligible consortia

Eligible consortia must include entities from at least three countries, including at least two Beneficiary States. Each project must include one lead partner and at least two beneficiary partners.

Eligible countries include the 3 Donor States, the 15 Beneficiary States, plus, as new feature, 10 non-EU Beneficiary partner states neighbouring with the Beneficiary States.

  • 3 Donor States (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) – as Expertise partners
  • 15 Beneficiary States (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia) – as Lead partners
  • 10 non-EU Beneficiary partners (Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine) – as Beneficiary partners
  • Non-eligible EU Members States or international organisations – as Expertise partners

Funding conditions

A total budget of EUR 34.5 million will be made available for several calls until 2021. Out of this, EUR 15 million will be offered in the 2018 call. The application process will be phased in 2 stages: 1. a Concept Note phase (deadline 01.07.2018), followed by 2. a Full Proposal phase for shortlisted concept notes (expected October – December 2018).

Projects are expected to have a minimum value of EUR 1 million.

Funding intensity rules:

  • Non-governmental organisations: up to 90% of their eligible expenditures (up to 50% of the required co-financing may take the form of in-kind contributions in the form of voluntary work)
  • Universities and research organisations: up to 90% of their eligible expenditures
  • Any expertise partners from the Donor States: up to 100% of their eligible expenditures
  • Other entities: up to 85% of their eligible expenditures

The new Fund for Regional Cooperation is the second transnational funding instrument of the EEA & Norway grants, following the launch of the Fund for Youth Employment  in 2017.

The official website of the programme provides full information about this scheme, including the detailed guideline.