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EEA & Norway grants in 2018. Funding for innovation, sustainability and international collaboration

At the beginning of 2018, our special funding recommendation was …  the EEA & Norway grants across Northern, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

2.8 billion euro are becoming available starting this year, for a variety of areas, with an estimated 30% expected to go to the private sector. Our overview of the programmes addressing private sector companies.

A special focus is on topics like green industry innovation, energy efficiency, ICT innovation, Blue Growth. Most of the 15 Beneficiary States have signed MoUs with the Donor States. While the official website is the most comprehensive source of information, at Winnovart we are focused on the information relevant for the business sector.  …

Please follow our reviews and recommendations on the funding availability for the private sector, across the Beneficiary States having signed to date the Memorandum of Understanding with the Donor States:

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Portugal,  Romania, Slovakia.

At Winnovart, we are dedicated to enable our clients access to Know-How and Expertise from the Donor States, through our presence and network of partners in Norway and Iceland. The bilateral dimension of the projects is a key aspect and opportunity under the EEA & Norway grants.

As a new feature, the EEA & Norway grants have launched 2 international instruments for transnational and or cross-border projects, consortium -based: 1. The Fund for Youth Employment and  2. The Fund for Regional Cooperation.

With a total budget of approx. 100 million euro, the 2 instruments are an opportunity to bring together expertise from Donor States, other non-eligible EU states and dynamic organizations from Beneficiary States or Partner states, on challenges and topics of common interest. At Winnovart we see these 2 funds as a unique instrument in Europe, enabling organizations from less developed European countries to have access to a Horizon2020-type of programme, more niched and with higher success chances. It will be very interesting to see the outcomes.