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EEA & Norway grants in Bulgaria – EUR 56.5 Million for Green Industry Innovation, Welfare & Health Tech, Energy efficiency.

Bulgaria will get approximately EUR 210 million under the EEA & Norway grants 2014-2021 out of which EUR 56.5 million will be dedicated to the business sector via 2 programme areas and first calls expected to open during 2018:

  • Business Development, Innovation and SMEs (EUR 28.5 million);
  • Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security (EUR 28 million).

At Winnovart, following a very successful experience with the EEA & Norway grants during 2009-2014 (over EUR 12.5 million attracted for business clients across various industries), and with a very good international presence (including Norway and Iceland), we are committed to support business innovation projects by Bulgarian SMEs in the following areas:

  • Innovative technologies, processes and services
  • Sustainable business development
  • Greening of existing businesses and processes
  • Development and implementation of innovative products and services

To make it easier for SMEs in Bulgaria to understand the opportunity of the EEA & Norway grants and their funding readiness, we are providing a free eligibility check via our online questionnaire.

In the upcoming weeks, more information will be published regarding the funding conditions and eligibility requirements. Additional information on the opportunities for Bulgaria under the EEA & Norway grants is available below:

For a complete overview of the EEA & Norway Grants 2014 – 2021, you may have a look at the Blue Book– the document outlining the strategy of this mechanism until 2021.


32 Projects in Bulgaria Funded in the previous financial cycle.

EUR 11.5 million was allocated to 32 projects for greening of businesses in Bulgaria during the previous cycle of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, Innovation Norway’s programme for Green Industry Innovation.

For more information, please read our update here