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EEA & Norway Grants in Greece – Business Innovation Call 2020 open

EUR 13 million funding is available for Greek SMEs and large enterprises via the ‘Business Innovation Greece’ programme under the EEA & Norway grants – 2020 competition. The programme aims to support companies for development, innovation and commercialisation activities. The scheme is operated by Innovation Norway and supports the bilateral relations between the Donor states and Greece.

The second call for proposals “Increased competitiveness for Greek enterprises” under the programme ‘Business Innovation Greece’ has 2 funding streams and 3 focus areas:

  • Small Grants Scheme for SMEs
    • Projects requesting grants between EUR 50k and EUR 200k
    • Available for all focus areas
  • Individual Project Scheme for SMEs and large enterprises
    • Projects requesting grants between EUR 200k and EUR 1,5 million
    • Available for all focus areas

The programme aims to increase the value creation and sustainable growth in the Greek business sector, with the following 3 focus areas:

  1. Green Industry Innovation – “reduce and re-use” (40% of budget allocated)

– Development and commercialisation of new and improved green products and service
– Environmentally friendly production process
– Green organisational innovation
– Development of innovative solutions related to renewable energy
– Technology for energy efficiency/ energy storage
– Water management of islands
– Innovation and greening of business (food industry, construction, waste management)

  1. Blue Growth – Diversification of businesses (40% of budget allocated)

– Development of new solutions within the marine and maritime sectors
– Modernizing of fishing boats and ferries
– Investment and development of coastal and marine (ocean) tourism
– Innovative technologies for the water supply
– Solutions for reducing marine litter
– Development of businesses based on bio economy

  1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) (20% of budget allocated)

– Innovative solutions for business development with ICT
– Innovative ICT solutions for industrial processes
– More general ICT products/services/solutions


The funding intensity can go up to 70% – 80% for SMEs (subject to project/ company profile and location) but the typical average grant rate would be approx. 50% from the total project eligible costs. Each organisation can submit only one application under each open call.

Projects that include bilateral partners bringing added value are strongly encouraged and typically can contribute with know-how, expertise, R&D competence, technology transfer, lean production, etc.

The deadline of the second call for proposals is 18 February 2021.

To have a better understanding on how the programme works and how to prepare a funding application, please follow our upcoming Winnovart Explainer series aimed at making this funding scheme easier for you to digest.

Competition resources:
– Programme fact sheet provided by Innovation Norway – details about the programme focus areas, funding streams, funding conditions, etc
– Details on the open call for proposals provided by Innovation Norway – mandatory attachments for the application files and essential reading for the applicants


Summary of the 2019 competition

– Competition statistics – The first call for proposals was closed on 1 October 2019
– Final competition results – List of selected projects (Beneficiaries and partners)
– The programme presentation – 2019 competition
– Programme launch review 2019 – More details

Awareness about the EEA&Norway grants in Greece. some thoughts of ours about the level of awareness regarding the EEA&Norway grants in Greece, after several local meetings last summer with Greek business

More details about the overall funding allocation on the Greek market are available here as well as additional information for this call for business development, innovation and SMEs and the funding is available here.

For more information on the Call provided by Innovation Norway, please read here.


How can Winnovart help you

– if you would like to discuss a new project idea with us, don’t hesitate to fill in our funding readiness questionnaire. and we will come back with our independent feedback.

Winnovart’s independent service options are designed to help you accelerate your access to this funding and navigate with confidence through the entire process of applying for, obtaining the grant and implementing your project successfully.

– check out other project profiles across Central and Eastern Europe looking for grants-based funding under EEA&Norway grants and reach out to us if you would like to join the list.