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EEA & Norway grants in Greece – Submission statistics of the Business Innovation programme

35 project proposals submitted for the Business Innovation programme of the EEA & Norway grants in Greece. 

The Business Innovation programme under the EEA & Norway grants in Greece, operated by Innovation Norway, has the objective to support companies for development, innovation and commercialisation activities as well as the bilateral relations between the Donor States and Greece.  

The first call for proposals was launched on 27 March 2019 with a financing budget of 19 mil euro for projects in the focus areas of Green Industry Innovation, Blue Growth and ICT; 15.4 mil for large projects of up 1.5 mil and 3.6 mil for smaller projects of up to 200k. The call was open for applications for approximately 6 months (until 1 October 2019). 

The call for proposals resulted in 35 submitted applications, which account for a total volume of grant requested of approximately 25 mil euro. Considering the overall budget competition (19 mil euro) and assuming there won’t be any changes brought by the Fund Operator in this budget, this corresponds to a very good success chance for the applicants; however, the available funding needs to be considered since it may vary depending on the focus area. 

The projects submitted are going now through an evaluation process that typically comprises 3 stages:  

  1. Administrative & Eligibility check  
  2. Technical and financial assessment (includes a score-based evaluation) 
  3. Selection of projects (shortlisting of projects and pre-contracting communication)  

The overall evaluation process would typically take 4-6 months (from application deadline) subject to the Fund Operator’s own timeline and resources.  

For more information on the Business Innovation Greece call, please read here. 


EEA & Norway grants – awareness across the Beneficiary States 

The EEA & Norway grants have been available in Greece for quite some time, but just recently produced the first funding scheme addressing private sector businesses. This opens up a very good opportunity for companies not only in Greece but in all the Beneficiary States to get access to funding for various investments and the Norwegian and/or Icelandic Markets. Read more and take our survey