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EEA & Norway Grants in Romania – 3rd Call for Proposals under the SMEs Growth Scheme for business development and innovation – expected 2021

Up to EUR 12-18 million is expected to be made available to SMEs and large enterprises during the next call (2021) for project proposals via the SMEs Growth Programme in Romania, operated by Innovation Norway. The budget estimation is based on the official data on budget allocation level for this programme as of September 2020.  

The calls for proposals cover 3 focus areas: Green Industry Innovation, Blue Growth and ICT: 

– Green Industry Innovation – targets initiatives for innovative green technologies, development of innovative products and solutions, greener production processes, more efficient handling of resources and technological systems, material efficiency activities and waste management. 
– ICT – Information and Communication Technology – supports product/process/service development using ICT component, development of ICT products/process/services.
– Blue Growth – supports development of innovative technologies, processes, solutions, products or services based on blue resources from the Black Sea, inland waters and rivers and coastal areas.  

The second call for proposals has recently closed, on 17 September 2020, with a budget of over EUR 18 million. For the full submission statistics (including results) of this call, please read here.

The first call for proposals was closed on 1 November 2018. For the full statistics (including results) of this call, please read here.  

To have more understanding on how the programme works and how to prepare a funding application, read our Winnovart Explainer series for the SMEs Growth Programme in Romania. 

On 15 December 2020, a webinar and matchmaking organised by Innovation Norway – International Green Industry Innovation and ICT – took place. The event informed the participants about specific funding opportunities under the EEA & Norway grants as well as encouraged cooperation among them. For more details on the event, read here.

In conclusionduring 2020-2021 approx. EUR 25 million are expected to become available for business development and innovation project in Romania (including the EUR 10-12 million leftover from Call 1). For more details on the timeline of competitions, read here. 


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