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EEA & Norway Grants – Call opening in Romania, EUR 21 million for SMEs and Large enterprises.

EUR 21 million will be available to SMEs, Large enterprises via the SME Growth Programme in Romania, to be operated by Innovation Norway. 3 focus areas: Green Industry Innovation (EUR 9.7 million), Blue Growth (EUR 6.5 million), ICT (EUR 4.8 million).

Funding intensities up to 80%. 2 funding streams available (small scheme with grants up to EUR 200k, large scheme with grants up to EUR 2 million). Donor partnerships are strongly encouraged. NGOs are eligible too.

Deadline for proposal submissions on 1 November 2018.


Eligible expenses comprise:

  • staff assigned to the project
  • travel and subsistence
  • cost of new or second-hand equipment (special conditions apply)
  • costs of consumables and supplies
  • subcontracting
  • programme – specific expenses
  • purchase of real estate and land (special conditions apply)
  • eligible indirect costs (15% – 25% flatrate)


Winnovart’s comments:

  • The final official funding conditions confirm in large the conditions announced in the previous months
  • The budget of this call opening (approx. 50% of the entire budget of the programme) indicates there will be most probably a second call, which, based on the previous experience with Innovation Norway in 2013-2014, might take place next year.
  • Large enterprises are eligible
  • Funding conditions as announced previously, although now with a clear confirmation of the maximum grant (up to EUR 2 million) and funding intensity (up to 80%).
  • Partnership projects are eligible just like in the previous calls, both with local and Donor Sate organizations.
  • Start-ups are not eligible under this call, although young companies (1 year) will be eligible under the ICT focus area.

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