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EEA & Norway grants – Winnovart visiting Greece. Insights from one of the Beneficiary States.

Earlier this summer we’ve visited Greece to meet local businesses and discuss cooperation projects for the EEA & Norway grants. Thank you very much to those of you that welcomed us.  

A few thoughts after this visit, put in the context of the innovation funding schemes we are working with: 

– Greek businesses have a strong experience with innovation projects, probably above the average we usually see among businesses in the Beneficiary States of the EEA & Norway grants. This might have to do with Greece’s economic & political history, which is different to most of the other Beneficiary States of the EEA & Norway grants

– Greek businesses have a lot of experience with grants-funding programmes, as well as relevant success with EC funding schemes (H2020/ SMEInstrument etc.)

– The level of awareness regarding the EEA&Norway grants seems to be very low … which is also reflected by our latest awareness survey results. This is not too surprising, as this is the first time EEA & Norway grants are producing a funding scheme addressing the business sector

– It will be interesting to see the level of success of this funding call on the Greek market. It is a funding scheme that the Fund Operator seems to have designed based on their experience with other countries in the region, which doesn’t have to necessarily fit the typical profile of Greek companies applying for innovation funding.


There are less than 2 weeks to go until this first call of the Business Innovation Greece programme closes and we will be happy to support you with any last-minute expert opinion regarding your proposal.