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EIC Fund - Investors' Experience: Survey Results

At Winnovart, we are currently researching the impact of blended funding programmes on the European innovation & investment ecosystem. We believe that blended funding (mixing grants & equity investments) is the most interesting development in the European grants-funding ecosystem for many years, promising to reshape its future.

The EIC Fund is one of the largest blended-funding programmes in Europe. More information on the EIC Fund can be found here.

We are looking to find out the general experience of selected companies and their private/lead investors with the EIC Fund. This will help us understand the reasons for the programme's current status, as well as the significant gap between the number of companies selected and the number of signed deals. 

Below is an initial round of results based on inputs received from private investors involved in EIC Fund deals and/or companies selected for equity investment in this programme.

Key benefits for Private Investors getting involved with the EIC Fund's blended finance program (Top 3)

Q3 EIC Private Investor Survey

67% of respondents reported that a key benefit of the EIC Fund programme is having access to R&D and assessment expertise. There are currently 13,000+ expert evaluators spanning all industries and sectors under Horizon Europe. Other benefits reported include the lower risk associated with the investment and access to great companies.

Whilst most respondents agreed that there are benefits associated with the programme, some reported that there are no benefits for private investors. 

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