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EU funding for innovation in Romania – Call opening for EU-based enterprises to implement innovation projects in Romania.

EUR 62.45 mil. for implementing innovation projects on the Romanian market, individual grants up to EUR 5 mil. (significantly increased from EUR 3.34 mil. previously granted) and up to 80% funding intensities (100% for research organizations). Any EU based enterprise is eligible to submit an application, regardless of having or not a Romanian presence when submitting the application.

The Programme Operator – National Authority for Scientific Research – has launched the programme dedicated to innovation projects and the submission deadline is 15 March 2018.

Eligible expanses comprise:

  1. Industrial research
  2. Experimental development
  3. Obtaining and validating of industrial property rights
  4. Realization of technical feasibility studies
  5. Innovation consultancy services and innovation support services
  6. Expenses related to highly qualified personnel
  7. Expenses related to the introduction of the R&D results in production

The project implementation period cannot exceed 36 months.

The programme addresses both SMEs and Large enterprises. Eligibility and funding conditions can significantly vary depending on several relevant issues, such as: the applicant or consortium type, types of eligible activities of the project, development region where the project will be implemented, etc.

In the current allocation there are two funding streams:

  • one addressed to Bucharest – Ilfov region (with dedicated budget);
  • one addressed to the rest of the country.

Find out more details about this funding programme, in our programme presentation.

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