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EUR 59,7 mil. EU funds for the Romanian ICT sector

UPDATE: A new funding programme worth EUR 59.7 mil addressing the Romanian ICT sector will be opened in November 2015. SMEs can now apply individually for grants up to approx. EUR 730.000 and funding intensities up to 100%.  Applications can now be submitted from the 2nd of November 2015 until the 01st of February 2016.

The support will focus on the development of innovative products/ services/ ICT applications, with a wide range of eligible activities and expenditure:

  • Tangible and intangible assets within an initial investment
  • Industrial research and experimental development
  • Innovation processes for SMEs
  • Processes and organizational innovation
  • Expenditures for information and publicity, consulting services, training, auditing, project management, market research

Eligible applicants are individual SMEs, with ICT focused activities. SME Consortia within ICT centred clusters will also be eligible.

The maximum project implementation period is 36 months.

For a detailed presentation of the programme please click here.

“Information and communication technology (ICT) for a digital economy” programme aims to develop a range of ICT products/ services with application in other economic fields, implementation of innovative strategic projects with an impact on the entire ICT industry development and projects that ensure smooth transmission from outsourcing to development based on innovation and collaboration between/ within the cluster structures of the ICT industry in order to obtain innovative products.

Compared to the original version of the applicant’s guide, the final form contains the following optimizations:

  • The possibility for SMEs to submit an application as individual beneficiaries (without being a member of an ICT cluster)
  • The elimination of the minimum grant threshold of aprox. EUR 225.000 from the State Aid Scheme. The projects can have any financing values of up to aprox. EUR 730.000 plus EUR 200.000, the value of Minimis Aid expenditures