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EU grants for the Romanian ICT sector

A new funding programme for the ICT sector on the Romanian market will be soon launched.

The programme will support the development of ICT products/services by enterprises or ICT clusters, with funding volumes between  320.000 EUR – 720.000 EUR and intensities up to 50% or 80%, depending on the project type.

The programme “Supporting the growth of added value generated by the ICT and innovation sector by cluster development” was launched for public consultation within the Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020.

The eligible activities comprise investments in corporal and non-corporal assets, industrial research and experimental development, investments in SME’s innovation projects or process/organizational innovation.

Eligible applicants are SME’s (including micro enterprises) that are part of an ICT cluster or a consortium of enterprises that represents an ICT cluster, active on the Romanian market.

Grants between 320.000 EUR – 720.000 EUR and intensities up to 50% for experimental development, SME innovation, process and organizational innovation and up to 80% for industrial research.

In case of the de minimis scheme, the funding rate is up to 100% (Max 200.000 EUR, representing max 20% of the total eligible expenses.

The maximum project duration is 36 months.

Please feel free to contact us for further details and information about this action, as well as for exploring further funding opportunities for your development plans.