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GDPR at Winnovart. Our funding newsletters and your FEEDBACK. 

At Winnovart we care about GDPR. 

We could probably explore and present grants-based funding options for implementing GDPR, but this newsletter is not about this. Although it might be eligible under some funding programmes 🙂 

In the past almost 10 years, we have been sending funding newsletters across Europe. As a boutique organization, with limited marketing resources, these newsletters have always been our main vehicle for visibility, for lead generation, as well as (…and probably more relevant for you) a source of relevant information for your organization. Our databases are thus one of our most relevant assets. And we thank you for being part of it. 

If you haven’t unsubscribed yet, it means you have appreciated the information we have provided so far. If you haven’t unsubscribed yet, because you were too polite to do so, or because we know each other and you didn’t want to offend us, now it’s the right time to stop being polite and  UNSUBSCRIBE. We won’t feel offended and you will be automatically removed from our databases. 

However, if you are unhappy with the quality of our newsletters but you would still like to give us a chance before unsubscribing for good, we would rather prefer you to give us your  FEEDBACK  (takes less than 2 minutes), and we promise to take it seriously for the future newsletters we will be sending. 

Together with our legal partners from Iordache&Partners we have updated our privacy policy in order to be GDPR compliant, as well as other GDPR-relevant aspects of our activity. 

Please check the profile of Iordache&Partnerswe recommend taking their practical advice on GDPR. You can contact them directly or ask for an introduction from our side. 

GDPR Compliant