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Green Industry Innovation Latvia 2015

Innovation Norway has launched in Latvia a new call of the Green Innovation Industry programme under Norway grants 2009-2014, with deadline for project proposals
on 1st of June 2015

The main objective of the programme is to facilitate development of new economic activities, granting support for enterprises in development and introduction of new or fundamentally improved products, services or technologies, development of entrepreneurial activity.

Eligible Applicants are SMEs and enterprises (owner is a scientific institutions) registered in the Republic of Latvia.

The programme coveres a wide area of Eligible expenses:

  • Marketing activities including entry fees in international exhibitions;
  • Services of experts related to the development and implementation of the idea of commercial activity;
  • Materials, costs of similar products (for example substances, viruses, bacterias);
  • Production of experimental batches of a new or fundamentally improved product;
  • Development of prototypes;
  • Services of establishment of intellectual property rights;
  • Publicity services, business trips, outsourced services;
  • Costs of the donor project partner;
  • Remuneration for the management personnel of the project promoter.

Eligible projects involve, for example, investments in:

  • Development, verification and adaptation of new or fundamentally improved product, service or technology, including development of prototypes and production of experimental batches of products;
  • Development and realization of business concept in accordance with the business plan, agreed with Green Technology Incubator;
  • Development of marketing and informative materials and organization of events to attract investors, co- operation partners and first clients;
  • Transfer of knowledge and creation of co- operation with donor project partners;
  • Publicity events of the small grant scheme project, included in publicity plan of the small grant scheme project promoter.

The programme encourages the development of partnerships between Latvian enterprises and companies from the Donor States (Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein).

The total budget available for co-financing of projects is EUR 553,217 with a grant amount of minimum EUR 10,000 and maximum EUR 140,000 with intensities of up to 85% of the eligible costs (up to 100% for remuneration for the management personnel of the project promoter).

The deadline for applications is 1st of June 2015.

The approved projects must be implemented no later than: 31.03.2016.

At Winnovart we are specialized in providing funding advisory services for the private sector and we can offer a direct successful experience with the EEA & Norway Grants 2009-2014. For an overview of our experience and results → Examples of successful projects

Should this funding programme be interesting for you, please let us know. We are happy to provide you further details on how to access it, as well as to support you in the project development phase. → Detailed funding programme presentation