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Innovation grants for enterprises in Romania 2015-2020, official launch

The newly launched EU grants for innovation on the Romanian market are more than ever a great opportunity for EU – based enterprises.

After more than 5 months of public consultation, the Programme Operator (National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation – OI RESEARCH) announced the opening date for the first Innovation funding calls in Romania under the new 2014 – 2020 EU financial cycle.

Competitiveness Operational Programme (POC – Axis 1) – the main innovation funding programme on the Romanian market aims to stimulate innovation and growth of research and development activity within the SMEs and large enterprises, offering grants of up to € 20 mil and with funding intensities of up to 100%. For the first time on the Romanian market, the programmes are open not only to Romanian enterprise, but also to EU-based enterprises that don’t have a direct presence yet in Romania.

As of 27.06.2015 companies will be able to submit applications via the electronic platform of the programme, while the deadline for submission will be 11.08.2015 for most of the calls (see table below).

Type of project Competition budget Deadline for applications
Investments for the R&D departments of enterprises-
Presentation Link
€ 25 m 18.08.2015
Innovative young enterprises –
Presentation Link
€ 20 m 11.08.2015
Innovation clusters –
Presentation Link
€ 30 m 18.08.2015
Attracting international R&D experts  –
Presentation Link
€ 81,6 m 01.09.2015
Knowledge transfer partnerships –
Presentation Link
€ 90 m 11.08.2015
Innovative start-up and spin-off –
Presentation Link
€ 15 m Open Call (within competition budget)
Investments for R&D public institutions / Universities –
Presentation Link
€ 70 m 25.08.2015

Winnovart recommendation in this new financial cycle:

– Grant-based funding solutions for the private sector will be less obvious than in the previous one, when investments in production capacities or procurement of tangible / intangible assets were financed in a very clear manner – the main point of interest in the Romanian industry. Now the priority is innovation, therefore, in order to take advantage of the new funding opportunities, a more creative and strategic approach will be required than before.

– The funding programmes encourage an international dimension of the projects by attracting international experts as well as through direct access opened to EU-based companies (without direct presence in Romania) as applicants.


Please feel free to contact us for further details and information, as well as for exploring further funding opportunities for your development plans.