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SBIR Recipients' Experience - Survey Results

At Winnovart, we are currently researching the differences and similarities between the US and European grants-funding ecosystem, especially from the perspective of recipients of business innovation grants. 

One of the largest funding opportunities in the United States is the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. The publicly run program offers innovative American Businesses an opportunity to develop their projects with the eventual hope of impactful commercialization.

A sample portion of recipients in the 2019-2020 funding cycle has been collected and expressed below. 

Participants overall experience with the SBIR program

SBIR Survey Question 1 -2

97% of SBIR grant recipients report a positive overall experience with the SBIR funding program. Of the 97% respondents who had a positive experience, 57% acknowledged a great deal of complexity that went with the program. Regardless of the complexity there is an overwhelming positive reaction to the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. 


Level of complexity with the proposal/writing phase

SBIR Survey Question 1 -1644% of respondents report that the proposal and writing phase is time consuming with 47% of respondents saying the phase is complex as well as time consuming. Only 9% of participants indicate the writing phase as clear, easy, and straightforward. The proposal and writing phase was overwhelmingly the most complex and time consuming for respondents.  


 Level of complexity with the evaluation phase

SBIR Survey Question 1 -1229% of respondents consider the evaluation phase clear and easy with 48% thinking it is time consuming. Interestingly, 23% of respondents did not need any effort from their company for the evaluation phase. The evaluation phase is also commonly know as the award phase. 


Level of complexity with the contract signing phase

SBIR Survey Question 1 -15The contract signing phase is considered clear and easy by 84% of respondents. 13% say the phase is complex and time consuming and 3% say no effort was needed from their company with this phase. The signing portion is the highest rated phase among respondents. 


Level of complexity with the post award management phase

SBIR Survey Question 1 -10

The post award management phase, or the reporting phase as it is often referred, has a mixed range of responses. 24% consider the phase to be clear, easy, and straightforward. 36% say the phase is complex and time consuming and 40% acknowledge it is time consuming but still say it is clear and easy.  


At Winnovart, it is part of our mission to bridge the gap between stakeholders of the grants-funding market-space across Europe. We believe in the potential of grants to create ecosystems that drive innovation, growth and reduce disparities between the regions of Europe.  Our aim is to support innovative SMEs, private investors and funding agencies to become part of this ecosystem and make the most of it.
Our presence in Western, Eastern and Northern Europe enables us to create international business cases for our clients, in the context of attractive funding programs as well as beyond it, by opening up international development opportunities. We are passionate about grants and  are very excited to bring this enthusiasm to the U.S. market.  

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