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UK Innovation funding – up to GBP 8 million for UK-China collaborative innovative projects to develop innovative agricultural solutions in China

Up to GBP 8 million to be invested in innovative partnership projects between the UK and China, that use cutting-edge technologies to solve agricultural challenges in China.
Projects should address challenges related to agricultural technologies in one or more of these three sectors:

  1. Precision agriculture, agriculture digitization and decision management tools;
  2. Improving the efficiency of sustainable agricultural production;
  3. Agricultural products processing.

Project costs should range in size between GBP 1 million to GBP 2 million, whilst the total project grant must not exceed GBP 1 million per project in the UK. Projects should last up to three years.
Eligible projects should include one UK business partner and one UK higher education institute or research council institute, that will need to partner with one Chinese business and one academic institution.
For more information on funding conditions and requirements please access the programme – dedicated website.