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Why do our Clients choose Winnovart?

At Winnovart we like to say that we know the game when it comes to grants-funding.  

Our mission is to support our client’s development by obtaining the funding (especially grants) they need for their investments, R&D etc. We always aim to provide a high-quality service, by providing: 

  • Leadership and expertise in the field of grants-based funding 
  • Prompt and Hands-On operational support in the project development and implementation process
  • A positive experience during this process, through the methodology and tools we will use.

We know that our clients find it difficult to focus on raising grants-funding, when their focus is on their day-to-day business operations and on the things that matter most to them: expanding operations, performing research and development, or transforming a unique idea into reality.  

This is why we want to make the process of applying for grants or implemented a grants-funded project as easy and seamless as possible.  

Thus far, we have successfully made the case for many companies throughout Europe and we are proud to bridge together countries from Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern Europe.  

WHY do OUR CLIENTS choose us? Here are the results of a recent survey across our client portfolio. 


Quality information about grants 


We invest significant time and energy in research, so we can provide you with high quality information around grants funding and other support schemes. We are delighted to see this is acknowledged by 80% of our respondents as excellent or very good. Many of our clients are yet unfamiliar with the complexities of grants funding mechanisms, and thus it is crucial that we provide the necessary resources for them to successfully navigate these schemes. 


Responsiveness and speed of reaction to help you accelerate 


We want our clients and prospects to have a smooth communication experience with us. Our goal is to provide you, in the shortest time possible, with the data you need before making the decision to apply for funding or support scheme. We don’t always manage to react instantly to your queries, but we are trying hard to improve that90% of our respondents appreciate this. 


The quality of our work 


The quality of our work during the sales process is the best indicator for the way we will work after you will make the decision to choose our services. Nearly 90% of our customers rate us as Very Good or Excellent in this regard. Our prospects can expect from us the same quality of deliverables and the same overall communication experience, once they become our clients. 


We Know the Game 


In our niche, we are probably one of the most well-established grants funding consultancies in EuropeWe have built a reputation based on a mix of factors: the quality of information we have provided our audience with, team expertise and successful project background. We are a flexible partner, but for sure not the level of the fees is proving decisive in our prospects’ decision to choose our services 🙂 

We would like to thank our clients for participating in our survey, and for their kind feedback. We aim to continue innovating and pushing boundaries so that our clients may do the same in their respective fields and industries.