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Winnovart Explore introducing Bold Technologies. Gamification of digital training for the finance sector. Funding ready with EEA & Norway grants.

At Winnovart, we regularly promote European innovation champions, game-changing organisations in their sectors, as well as established industrial players looking to work with innovative technology companies. We are proud to contribute to their stories, by doing what we know best – accelerate their access to funding.  

This time, we are introducing Bold Technologies – a Romanian innovator specialized in creating digital learning platforms for banks of the future by combining technology and gamification. They are a successful beneficiary of the EEA & Norway grants, working with Winnovart.

The problem that the company focuses on is the regulatory requirements coming into force in the EU and in Switzerland, which are placing a burden on the financial industry. All these regulatory frameworks require employees to be educated, continuously and their efforts need to be tested and certified. Therefore, Bold Technologies has identified a trackable training solution for employees based on a virtual learning bank with a gamification engine provided by Bold Technologies and the regulatory content provided by PwC (TLS). This training solution is cost-effective and, based on adaptive gamified learning that is personalized to the individual, an excellent way of engaging the bankers of tomorrow.

To support and accelerate their work the company applied for a grant to develop a virtual learning bank that will create a unique learning experience for its users and accelerate their business performance. Through an AI-powered learning engine, Bold Technologies will make training more intelligent and effective by customizing each training experience to the exact needs of the individual user. 


Florin GrosuCo-founder and COO:  

Bold Technologies has a successful track record with raising both private and grants fundingto developed R&D projects in the Artificial Intelligence space. In the last few years, we have implemented several projects in the learning space with both private and public funding. We are now very pleased to receive funding through the EEA & Norway grants, to continue our development. We appreciate the consulting support of Winnovart, who have not only made us aware of this funding mechanism in the first place, but also helped us significantly to accelerate the process of our project development in a grants-funding context. 


In 2018, Bold Technologies applied for funding under the EEA & Norway grants in Romania, receiving a grant of 286.000 EUR, which is currently in implementation. Now they are planning new innovation projects and are looking for development and delivery partners with expertise in areas such as data analytics and cognitive sciences.  

Bold Technologies is the leading provider of recruitment and training software for the financial industry. Their learning software combines artificial intelligence and gamification with neuroscience, to create a very realistic learning environment. Their learning engine measures each user interaction with the platform and use the data collected for behavioural analysis and performance prediction. 

Please feel free to get in touch with them if you would like to discuss cooperation options, or you can contact us here for an introduction.  

If you are looking for European grants-funding options (including the EEA & Norway grants) to support the development of your company, you can always contact us.