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Winnovart Explore – introducing OSINT Analytics Norway. Leading edge technology for data mining.

At Winnovartwe regularly promote organisations from Norway and Iceland (the Donor States of the EEA & Norway grants) – innovation champions and leading suppliers of novel technologies and solutions. 

Today we are introducing OSINT Analytics – a Norwegian innovator in the area of data mining and analysis. Their OSINT technology and know-how helps in finding information amongst trillions of available documents and collects and analyses information from online sources for improved analysis, intelligence and insights. 

OSINT Analytics delivers leading edge technology for data mining. The company offers technology to work with API’s, web scraping, deep webscrawling, RSS/XML feeds, and documents such as Excel, Word or PDF documents. In addition to that, the data analytics service of OSINT Analytics provides a basis for making informed decisions via classification of documents, special semantics to extract text from websites as well as time series analysis and term frequency algorithms to discover hidden patterns, correlations or other existing insights in texts. 

Frode Iversen, CEO & Founder:

 The Internet is the world’s largest database. OSINT stands for Open Source Intelligence, and this means collecting information from openly available sources online. This includes data mining, various crawling techniques, data extraction, data washing and analysis. The web is the world’s largest database, and if the information is there, we can find it. Thus, we can help companies collect better data for improved analysis, intelligence and insights.”

Under the EEA & Norway grants, OSINT Analytics can be the ideal bilateral partner when it comes to utilising better input of data. An example of the company’s technology is the product Tilskuddsportalen, which is a database with thousands of grants available for Norwegian charities, organisation and local councils to apply to. Other examples include the advanced data mining technology structuring data ready for risk analysis in weather disasters and crop production; monitoring public notifications and business records to analyse trends within set markets for business surveillance or artificial intelligence identifying changes in documents in the e-publishing industry. 

More details about OSINT Analytics here 

You can contact us at any time for finding out about funding programmes supporting green and technology projects under the EEA & Norway grants 

The EEA & Norway Grants 2014-2021 open up a great funding opportunity for investments in technology and green innovation projects across sectors, as well as in energy efficiency and renewable energy.With this financial mechanism, the Donor States Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have allocated around 1 billion euro in grants- funding for enterprises across the 15 Beneficiary States.