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Winnovart Explore – introducing Recycls Norway. The future of plastic recycling.

At Winnovart, we regularly promote organisations from Norway and Iceland (the Donor States of the EEA & Norway grants) – innovation champions and leading suppliers of novel technologies and solutions. 

Today we are introducing Recycls – a Norwegian innovator in the area of plastic recycling. Their patented technology solution deals with any type of plasticsfocusing on mixed and contaminated plastic waste that cannot be recycled to new plastic materials. They bring a new eco-friendly alternative to incineration, converting the mixed plastic waste into a road-ready, high-quality carbon-neutral fuel with diesel parameters suitable for vehicles and a wide range of engines 

Recycls envisaged business model is ultimately to run its own recycling plants in co-operation with waste management companies and environmental organizations. The plants are set up in co-operation with local waste collection companies and local city councils with everything needed to process plastic waste and store the produced fuel 

Recycls has the best turnkey package making it easy and fast to plan, finance and set up a plant in the shortest possible time allowed by using unique technology and solutions. Moreover, the complete plastic to fuel production line is built with standard modules that can easily be transported and set up almost anywhere within a few months. Thus, it could be the quickest, most eco-friendly and profitable solution to the plastic problem.

Espen Larsen, CTO & Co-founder:

“Our mission is to provide a profitable and efficient local treatment of plastic waste anywhere needed to stop further plastic pollution and reduce CO2 emissions. We will achieve this by providing modular and easy to operate recycling solutions and developing plants in partnership with waste collection companies, environmental organisations and international and local authorities. We do not compete with other plastic waste recycling methods and solutions, we only compete with incineration and landfill by offering an eco-friendly alternative. Moreover, we will support plastic pollution prevention initiatives by contributing a % share of the net profits of each plant and direct this to local organisations cleaning up plastic pollution.”

Under the EEA & Norway grants, Recycls can be the ideal bilateral partner when it comes to innovative projects in the area of waste processing and recycling. The carbon-neutral diesel produced by the technology is road-ready and suitable for marine use, a sector with increasingly demanding regulations related to the sulphur content will be introduced from 2020 onwards. This represents an opportunity for Recycls to help the fight with plastic pollution by providing a solution to recycle more than 10% plastic waste currently being recycled globally, reduce the 6 billion tons of plastic waste on the planet and produce 120 billion litres of fuel from the ocean plastics pollution.

More details about Recycls here 

You can contact us at any time for finding out about funding programmes supporting innovative investments in energy and green solutions under the EEA & Norway grants 

The EEA & Norway Grants 2014-2021 open up a great funding opportunity for investments green innovation projects across sectors, as well as in energy efficiency and renewable energy. With this financial mechanism, the Donor States Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have allocated around 1 billion euro in grants- funding for enterprises across the 15 Beneficiary States.