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Winnovart Survey Results – Do you still need consultants for funding applications?

At Winnovart, we want to make sure we’re offering our clients and partners what they need. Therefore, we had recently launched a survey to see if SMEs and large enterprises still needed consultants for funding applications. The survey has provided us with insights revealing how significant the support of consultants in the preparation of funding applications is.

For more details on the questions we asked and the responses enterprises provided us with, please review below:

The results show the notable role consultants play for the successful funding applications and their expertise and know-how.

The majority of responses showcase that companies would prefer an overall support throughout the development and submission phase of funding applications, i.e. trusting consultants to overtake the funding application, whilst business leaders focus on their business operations.

A large number of responses show us that consultants are predominantly needed for the expertise in the proposal development and application phase, i.e. for the whole application process.

Here the answers are various, however, it appears that organisations appreciate consultants mostly for the personalization of services or more precisely services tailored to the needs of the applicant. Furthermore, the results showcase the significance of consultants to be flexible and available considering the clients’ schedule as well as to provide operational support for the overall application process.

These results reveal that 93% of the respondents are planning to apply for funding in the next year.

Despite the replies above, it appears that a lot of businesses would definitely work with a consultant whilst the same number will still have doubts to get the support of consultants.


At Winnovart, a boutique consulting company, we are constantly trying to improve and come up with new things. We know the game when it comes to funding and we will try to positively change it in the months to come and your support and feedback are crucial in improving our work with you.

Thank you for your support so far.